Celtic Lands by Sea Gems

Celtic Dara Knot Earrings


Similar to the physical strength of the sailor’s Celtic knot and the strength between families in the sailor’s Celtic knot, the dara knot is often used as the visual representation of strength in Celtic culture. This knot’s meaning comes from the muse of this design - the oak tree. The name ‘dara’ derives from the Gaelic word dair, which means oak tree.

In Celtic culture, the roots of trees connect to ancestors and all living things. The design of the dara knot is meant to represent this connection that the trees have, as well as the people’s connection to each other and their ancestors. The dara knot has one intricately interwoven rope that loops together to make a complex and infinite pattern.

Handcrafted fine vitreous glass enamel jewelery. Designed in Cornwall, UK. Hypoallergenic nickel free earwires.