Celtic Lands by Sea Gems

Celtic Axe Earrings


The axe holds many meanings. Notably, it was the weapon of warriors and the tool of hunters and builders, and it therefore represents protection and provision. It is also a symbol of creation as it is by the power of the axe that we developed our civilizations. In this vein, the axe invokes a pioneering spirit – it was an indispensable tool as populations moved to find new lands and establish new settlements.

An ancient Celtic legend has it that an axe would determine where one was to put up their house when they acquired new land. According to the legend, the head of the family would throw an axe with all his might, and the first house would be built on the spot where the axe landed.

Handcrafted fine vitreous glass enamel jewelery. Designed in Cornwall, UK. Hypoallergenic nickel free earwires.