Luckenbooth Heather & Sterling Silver Brooch


Note: Image shown is stock photo. See color selections for available product.

Sterling silver brooch (1 1/2" x 1") with catch enclosure.

Heathergems are made in Scotland using hand harvested heather, picked when it no longer provides any nutrients to the local wildlife. Once the heather is picked, it is compressed, dyed and cut to shape. This process creates some dramatic and unique colors and ensures that no two Heathergems pieces are the same. 

Heathergems are crafted with the following color varieties. Each one listed is the dominant color, and may feature a bit of another color. 
-- Blues & greens
-- Purple
-- Purple, blues & greens
-- Crimson
-- Coffee
-- Multi (blue/green, purple, crimson, & orange)

The Luckenbooth is a traditional Scottish symbol worn on Celtic jewelry that has been around for centuries as a traditional gift. The history of the Luckenbooth goes back to the sixteenth century in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where it was sold from a small shop or “lock booth.”

This design consists of a heart topped with a crown. The crown signifies loyalty and fidelity and the heart signifies the love between two people, traditionally the giver and receiver. The Luckenbooth was commonly given as a gift from a mother to her daughter and from a man to his sweetheart as a token of love and loyalty.

The Luckenbooth is a popular symbol choice for gifting due to the representation of love, loyalty, and protection.