Faire Isles Trading Company

Small Luckenbooth Sterling Silver Pendant

The Luckenbooth is a traditional Scottish symbol worn on Celtic jewelry that has been around for centuries as a traditional gift. The history of the Luckenbooth goes back to the sixteenth century in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where it was sold from a small shop or “lock booth.”
The design consists of two intertwined hearts adorned with a thistle and topped with a crown. The crown signifies loyalty and fidelity. The thistle – Scotland’s national flower – represents bravery, loyalty, and strength. The hearts signify the love between two people, traditionally the giver and receiver. The Luckenbooth was commonly given as a gift from a mother to her daughter and from a man to his sweetheart as a token of love and loyalty.
The Luckenbooth is a popular symbol choice for gifting due to the representation of love, loyalty, and protection.